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The Company operates an established quality management system approved to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 standards. The quality license covers all aspects of our work, including the manufacture of components, fabrication, assembly and testing. The quality system controls all activities from Company management and organisation, training, estimating and purchasing procedures, process controls, product traceability, inspection, measuring, testing and corrective action, through to handling, storage, packing and delivery.

Our inspection department is continually being enlarged and improved to ensure that we can offer our customers a comprehensive and up to date Quality Assurance service. Our extensive range of inspection and measuring equipment is detailed in our seperate Capacity List


Our quality management policy ensures that specific responsibility is allocated for quality control activities, inspection tasks are clearly defined, and independent checking processes are carried out. By pursuing an objective of continuous improvement and striving to offer first class standards in everything we do, the Company has built an enviable reputation for skilled workmanship and unbeatable service.


The Inspection Department is continually being enlarged to enable us to offer our Customers
A comprehensive and up to date Quality Assurance.

Our Inspection Equipment includes: -

  • Mitutoyo Euro-M544 Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (Geopak software) with Statpak (Full SPC Software)
  • Mercer Electronic Gauging Meter with Analogue Display
  • Small Bore Comparator Diatest Trimos Vertical Digital Height Gauge with Surface Plate 3ft x 4ft (915mm x 1220mm)
  • Bausch & Lomb Shadowgraph
  • Avery Hardness Tester
  • Mitutoyo Surftest - 211 Surface Texture Equipment Talymin Electronic Comparator
  • Sigma Mechanical Comparator
  • Mercer Clearline Air Gauging Equipment
  • John Bull Electronic Gauging Equipment
  • Granite Surface Tables
  • Master Externally Calibrated Slip Gauges, traceable to National Standards,
  • Dye Penetrant And Magnetic Particle Inspection (PCN Level II Personnel)
  • Individual Internal Micrometers From 1" TO 24"